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Ana Demel &
Carmen Correa

Pro Mujer is proud to celebrate more than 32 years working to advance gender equality. Over the course of these three decades, we’ve seen first-hand the incredible beauty of our region and the immense potential that lies within its women, despite the multiple structural barriers they face every single day.

Although progress has been made in certain areas, the gender gap is still severe and disproportionately impacts underserved women, who are most acutely impacted by the consequences of poverty and social inequality.

In 2022, we impacted the lives of more than 460,000 people


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Geographic Expansion

In 2022, we expanded into new regions where the gender gap is even more pronounced.

We opened our first office in Guatemala City, bringing our comprehensive and holistic support to more than 2,500 people in less than a year.

We also expanded our operations into Southeast Mexico, reaching over 1,000 women through Emprende Pro Mujer, our entrepreneurship training platform.

Major Partnerships

Over the year, we established new relationships and synergies with incredible partners committed to women’s well-being and development.

We consolidated 66 new regional partnerships and created new and innovative solutions with companies such as Google, Visa, and Mercado Pago.

We are currently a member of more than 10 networks focused on reducing the gender gap.

Gender Lens Investing

Drawing on our more than 32 years of experience working closely with women in the region, we created the Gender Knowledge Lab to provide consulting and technical assistance and support gender mainstreaming in the region's investment, entrepreneurial, financial, and business ecosystems.

We hosted the third edition of the GLI Forum LatAm in Antigua, Guatemala. With more than 700 attendees, 90 panelists, and representatives from more than 30 countries worldwide, the Forum solidified its place as the most important gender lens investing event in Latin America.

Health 2022

Increasing Women’s Access to Preventive Health Services

In Latin America, only 2 in 10 women are enrolled in a social security system (ECLAC), and the risk of dying due to breast cancer is double in Latin America than in the United States (Lancet Oncology). At Pro Mujer, we know that ensuring women’s physical and mental health is critical to their comprehensive well-being. We are committed to increasing women’s access to health and well-being services, focusing on awareness campaigns and preventive health services.



health and well-being services

medical procedures
counseling sessions
telemedicine sessions
Pap smears
breast exams
blood pressure screenings
glucose tests
diabetes risk assessments

Digital Prevention

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Tod@s por Ellas

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Community Health Workers

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Mujer Segura

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Skilling Opportunities 2022

Providing Skilling Opportunities with an Intersectional Perspective

Women entrepreneurs form the backbone of the economy in Latin America, and it is critical to provide them with the support they need to acquire skills and tools to boost their businesses.

In Latin America, 50% of MSMEs are founded and operated by women (World Bank). However, the region also has the second-highest rate of women discontinuing their businesses (GenderSmart).

Provided skilling opportunities to



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Women reached through the Emprende Pro Mujer platform
of women who received a loan from Pro Mujer also received access to financial education
people reached through programs to raise awareness of and prevent gender-based violence

Emprende Pro Mujer

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Emprende Pro Mujer Southeast Mexico

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Tod@s Digitales

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Financial Inclusion 2022

Facilitating Women’s Financial Inclusion

Pro Mujer is a pioneering social enterprise that is committed to increasing women’s financial inclusion in Latin America. Over the past 32 years, we’ve disbursed a total of USD 4.4 billion dollars in loans.

Provided access to credit to



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USD 324M
in loans disbursed
year-over-year client portfolio growth
women reached through our digital financial services

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